What Are The Best Vitamins For An Anxiety Disorder?

Published: 05th March 2012
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With the number of people suffering from anxiety on the increase it is little wonder that more people are starting to look for natural anxiety remedies.

It should come as no surprise then, the association between anxiety and food being widely accepted that vitamins are now looked at as a possible aid to anxiety sufferers.

It is now widely accepted that if you lead a healthy lifestyle you will find it easier to cope with or even overcome an anxiety disorder. With so many of us having busy, hectic lives now in which diet is usually the first thing to suffer, it only makes sense that taking vitamin supplements or a change in diet to help our day to day intake of vitamins is going to help with anxiety. So which vitamins for anxiety are best?

Omega 3 is found in fish oil and has been proven to help with anxiety and depression. Described as "food for the brain" it is good for adults and children alike as it helps to maintain the health of brain cells and improve the movement of chemical messengers within the brain. Research has shown that people who lack Omega 3 in their diets are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than those who don't.

As well as being in oily fish Omega 3 is also in things such as flax oil and flax seed. You can also buy Omega 3 supplements.

B Vitamins are a family of vitamins that are associated with good health. A deficiency can cause, amongst other things, insomnia and mood changes, hardly the type of symptoms that you would want to have alongside anxiety. Vitamin B is also believed to have a beneficial effect on people suffering from depression.

Vitamin B3 which is also known as niacin aids in the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and is linked to mood. High levels of serotonin lead to a feel good state of mind while low levels lead to feelings of anxiety and low self esteem. Many of the drugs used in the treatment of anxiety target serotonins. Vitamins B6 and B12 also help in the production of neurotransmitters within the brain and are key ingredients in any diet for anxiety. They are naturally found in beans,green peas, poultry, fish and grain cereals. Vitamin B complex which contains all the vitamin Bs can also be taken. Vitamin C is found in most fresh fruit and vegetables and boosts the immune system keeping us healthy and free from minor infections, colds and coughs. Feeling healthier can only possibly be beneficial to our general state of mind.

Vitamin E is thought to help act as an oxidant to the brain helping the brain to take in oxygen and assisting in reducing damage to brain cells by free radicals that can happen we are under stress.

There are also certain minerals that you should consider taking supplements for: A lack of magnesium has long been related to anxiety symptoms such as depression, irritability, fear, confusion and insomnia and restlessness.

Amino acids are known to help our bodies produce neurotransmitters which are essential for a healthy nervous system.

Generally speaking, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, take exercise and eat a well balanced diet that contains the right minerals and vitamins you will cope better with anxiety.

If you feel that your diet is missing some of these essential anxiety beating vitamins then it could be worth looking at taking some vitamin supplements.

Before taking any vitamin or mineral supplements it is essential to seek the advice of your doctor.


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